BARCELONA – VALENCIA † Gola & Collettivo FX

 Almost two month ago I got a call from Collettivo FX: “ I’m coming in Barcelona in a couple of week to meet Gola . We re gonna have a road trip  to Valencia to paint more or less everything we see, wanna join us?”
How could I say “NO”?! At the beginning we started at the Escoscesa, the famous art factory based in Poblenou, Barcelona. Then we stole Gola’s girlfriend car and we left heading Valencia. We all agree that was the best part of the trip.
First of all, we ve been squatting Julieta ’s house ( a local street artist based in Barrio del la Carmen).  She gave us some tips about behavior and spots, taking us all around the city. Valencia was gorgeous.
A truly amazing fact of this town is that none give a shit about people that paint in the street. The second day we were painting in daytime and police walked twice front of us without saying nothing. Escif told us it wasn’t like this before, but now it’s like the new Mecca of graffiti in Spain.  We went all around the city like homeless carrying our stuff in a hand truck and feeling indestructible, painting ( half of the time drunk ) wherever we wanted  – you re never gonna see our drunk pieces, sorry, we destroyed all pictures. The only time police gave us some problems was when Gola painted a bit of the sidewalk floor. They didn’t even checked his documents! They just took his telephone number! WTF?! They will probably call him tonight and have a beer together! After almost four days we sadly left the city, exited by this great experience. Moral: if you re in Spain and you wanna have fun get some cans and go to Valencia ( with chicks included ).

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