Le Cool

Artwork for Le Cool Istanbul
Directly from my turkish Sketchbook
Interview english translation:

1- What’s the idea behind the cover illustration?
Street is truly the right place to find Istanbul’s soul, so i started focusing on it. Everywhere you go, from Asia to Europe, there’s just only one common denominator: street food.
2- What does Istanbul mean to you?
Coffee reading, Tavla, meze & raki and people, people, people
3- Where do you go the relax & chill?
On ferries that cross Bosphorus, drinking cay and looking at Sultanahmet
4- What’s the voice of Istanbul for you? ( how does Istanbul sound like in your mind? )
Dolmush Clacson!!
5- What would be the first thing you’d do, if you have the control of (government) the city.?
I would definitely allow mixed hammam
6- What’s your website?

Istanbul, November 2012 


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